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Ann S. Arnold

I never intended on being a writer. I realize how controversial that statement is, but it's true. The only footsteps I ever wanted to follow was my father, Mark Schonwetter’s, right into the jewelry business. Writing seemed far beyond my scope of experience, though I have always loved to read, and my secret desire was to do just this. 


In my spare time however (pun intented) I am still very passionate about the businesses and orgarnizations I work with.

To learn more about one of my companies or projects, please click the links provided:

Together: A Journey for Survival - Author

Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation- Founder

H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. - CFO

Buyers Intelligence Group (BIG) - CSO

Mr. T's Carting - Board Member

Day's Jewelers - Board Member

Arnold Advisory Group - Founder

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation - Treasurer, Board Mbr

Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America - Board Mbr, Past Chair

Jewelers Board Of Trade - Chair

Women's Jewelry Association - Past National President

YOU CAN CONTACT ME HERE- Please give me a detailed message about your interest:

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